Free Starbucks Refreshers, July 13th

This is for all you Starbucks fanatics and freaks. As for the rest of you, they’re probably hoping to turn you into an addict after trying one of their Refreshers for free. Pop into the coffee shop on July 13th for a free 12oz cup of either the lime or berry Refreshers energy drink. So if your daily coffee isn’t enough to give you a kick start, chug one of these.




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  1. mike allen

    Dear Miss Annalee,

    Two questions: One, am I an addict or freak if my Starbucks consumption is limited to 1-2 frappes a month?? If so, how do I break said habit? Two, are these Refreshers a similarly caffeinated beverage? I don’t believe they’re marketed as such….THAT would be sneaky!!

    • hi Mike! they are actually fairly similar [minus the coffee taste, thankfully lol]–they’re made with green coffee extract, ginseng, fruit juices and tons of antioxidants–they’re supposed to be a ‘healthier’ energy boost [as opposed to the other canned brands]. you, an addict? i think not! your ‘habit’ is one to support! not bad on the body–or the wallet! 😀

      • mike allen

        Thanks, Annalee. Now if I could only limit my Dr. Pepper consumption similarly; generally, I pop one of those each day, currently at 60 cents-$1 a piece, depending on source:(……

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