Free Bodycology Body Cream

If you’re from CA, then you should know the state flower.  If you are and don’t know it, then you should go back to school.  Actually, instead of doing that–I’ll just school you myself.  For those of you who already know it, you get an A+ in my book.

It’s the California Poppy [or golden poppy, if you’d like to call it that instead].  Either way, it’s a gorgeous flower and I just love to see them on the side of the roads :]  So this may be a Wild Poppy scent, but it’s in the same family as the California one.  Bodycology is hooking you up with their latest fragrance…a sample of the Wild Poppy Body Cream.

To get yours, click on the bottle and fill out your info [you’ll have to “Like” the Facebook page]…


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