Attention Store Shoppers

I swear…it never fails. Every time I’m in a store and ready to check out, everybody and their brother’s third cousin hops in line right before I do. Conspiracy? I’m beginning to think so…

Not that the world is against me–it’s something about strategy that I have yet to figure out. And I’m dang pretty keen on things. But this just so happens to be one of life’s equations I have yet to solve. Time to go Einstein on these people!!


About AnnaleeTV

lean, mean, info machine...with a heart bigger than her body--and a mind that runs wild like a boar in an untouched jungle of South America.

One comment

  1. bob sanchez

    Or AP your in the 15 items or less line and you have a person who has more then 15 items
    i was thinking what would AP do on this issue?

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