Stunt Nuts

Not only does that phrase give me a ridiculous mental image–it’s fun to say.  Even more so, being a palindrome.  I’ve always thought the word “palindrome” should be one as well.  Don’t you think so?  Or does it tend to give the meaning more edge since it’s not?

Forget the scientific, DNA definition.  I’m talking about a word or phrase that reads the same forward and backward.

Stunt Nuts.

Whether you’re saying it in your head or out loud, it’s a trip.  Stunt Nuts.  Stunt Nuts.
Stunt Nuts.

I was in elementary school when I discovered “Was it a rat I saw?” [I wrote it down on a sticky note in black ink, as soon as I heard it–and still have that same yellow piece of paper to this day].  I always thought that phrase was the coolest thing.  Then again, I thought going through the dictionary, on my own to learn a new word every day, was cool.   *nerd alert*

and the beloved, boob.

Just a few palindromes for you.  So…whether you like it from the front–or you like it from the back…it’s all the same in the word game ;]



About AnnaleeTV

lean, mean, info machine...with a heart bigger than her body--and a mind that runs wild like a boar in an untouched jungle of South America.


  1. Cadadj

    And I though no one was as nerdy as I…

  2. bob sanchez

    I am a Nerd born and Raise i still wear my pocket protector to work every day

  3. This is awesome!! How might I become a member of your Noble Nerd Nation, Miss Annalee??? Is there a password or handshake?? Special flag or constitution? Most of all, I hope membership is mostly free, in order that it’s available to poor blokes like me…salute:)!!..

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