It Pays to Play…

I was just flipping through the June 2012 issue of Discover Magazine–one of my absolute favorites.  Total nerd material.  Just the way I love it.

Prior to cracking it open [like a pistachio…getting to the “meat” in the center], something told me that I’d be stoked about one article in particular.  But when am I not?  With the latest breakthroughs in the medical field, psychology, military–the mag does a great job of covering it all…and covering it early.  I did my norm–quickly turning each page from front to back, reading the titles to see what’s in store [before reading it from cover to cover].

What was calling my name was page 24…  “Brave New Soaps”

The article is broken into 3 parts–2 different miracle soaps, beginning with an intro.  Well, the first soap it discussed pulled a Pavlov [yeah, it rang a bell].  Hey!!!  I’ve talked about that before!  I always did [and still do] what I could to be ahead of the times with deep research, spending hours looking for the latest and greatest.  I think I did a good job of it, especially this go ’round:  on January 26th, I covered the same information, 4 months before it made its way into Discover Magazine.  4 months.  That’s a really great feeling!  Click on my pic to watch my clip…

Always remember that it takes determination, hard work, and time to “go above and beyond”–it won’t be handed to you on a silver platter, nor will it be spoon fed to you.

If you want to be ahead of the game, then step back for a moment–think about the fact that you will need to put in a little extra [or a lot more] effort and “plays” to make it happen.  At the end of the game, the ball will be in someone else’s court.  Why?  Because you already scored and won :]


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  1. Cadadj

    No surprise to me, my dear!

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