Free Propel Zero Powder

I know, water can be boring sometimes–after all, it hardly has any flavor [well water, in my opinion, is the best out there but rarely accessible].  You know you need to drink it, so if you need to pack a punch while you down the clear stuff, why not add some Propel Zero Powder.  Not only does it add some taste–like Kiwi Strawberry–it also gives you some vitamins you need: C, E, B…as well as antioxidants.  Now, is that more yum to your tum?  Go ahead and powder your water [yeah, it sounds like someone trying to slip something illegal into your drink…but luckily, this stuff is FDA approved…and it won’t leave you unconscious].  Chug away.

Click on the sticks to “Like” the Propel Facebook page to get yours…


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