It Doesn’t Amount To…

My brain never stops, as thinking knows no boundaries within my skull. Which means this: random thoughts run rampant. I’m sitting here thinking about the old quote “It doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.”

Maybe this popped into my head because I’m sitting outside. Under the sun–in jeans and a black tshirt. So maybe my brain is fried from being a steamy 120 degrees to the touch. And so what if it is–I should do this more often because I find myself one step closer to becoming a scholar of all things logical. Ok, maybe not. But again, that’s just another one of my crazy, random thoughts [and it just sounded good]…

Back to my topic of hills and beans. The bean has been regarded as worthless–the epitome of worthless, to be exact–for the past eight centuries. Poor little bean…sounds like it’s been verbally abused for 800 years. How can someone think so lowly of a little thing that actually has a big job? Ever think about the fact that they still thrive after being picked? Plant them, they will grow. So in all honesty, a hill of beans could mean wealth, health, and life.

Wealth = grow beans, share and sell.
Health = protein, fiber, musical fruit.
Life = eat to live, live to reproduce.

That said, in my eyes, a hill of beans is a great thing to have. My life…and everything I do, think, say…amounts to a hill of beans, gosh darn it!! 😀



About AnnaleeTV

lean, mean, info machine...with a heart bigger than her body--and a mind that runs wild like a boar in an untouched jungle of South America.


  1. jmaita

    your best yet, that was clever, you are definately going places

  2. Congratulations on your new blog. I love what’s happening here.

  3. bob sanchez

    AP you always come up with Great ideas to make us think

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