Free Clear Men Shampoo

Guys…need a little relaxation and moisturization for that skin covered cranium of yours?  Get a sample of Clear Men Scalp Therapy…it’s a line of anti-dandruff hair products that don’t have the fruity and floral scents of ladies’ treatments.  So be a man and grab a sample–even if you don’t have dandruff…it will still clean that scalp, with a bit of tingle.

Click on the bottle then “like” their Facebook page to get yours…



About AnnaleeTV

lean, mean, info machine...with a heart bigger than her body--and a mind that runs wild like a boar in an untouched jungle of South America.


  1. jmaita

    thanks, I will try…

  2. jmaita

    Thanks Annalee!

    • You are more than welcome, Joey! There’s a women’s line of that same brand, which I’ll be posting soon–I figure I might as well sign up for both because I may just like the guys’ better lol

  3. bob sanchez

    AP i have them they work great

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