Cilantro is…perfect

Perfect in–and on EVERYTHING.  Some of you may hate–but for the lovers out there, you know what I’m talking about.  Good lawd ‘a mercy!!  I just nailed 2 plates of this cilantro pesto pasta I made tonight.  This was my first go ’round…

Of course I had to include a super sized picture of this plate of scrumptious, edible joy.  It’s perfect for this time of year–the cilantro, ginger, and lime bring out the ‘cool’ while the red pepper brings a slight heat.  The combo is healthy, delicious, and deserving of another serving.  So follow this and you’ll be in the same place where I was…unable to put my fork down, nearing the point of gut-busting-as-my-jeans-button-pops-off-and-flies-across-the-room [which is always a sign of good food]:

I rarely measure out ingredients–I just toss in and pour [if you’re comfortable doing that, then go for it…otherwise, you may want to follow the approximate measurements]

Cilantro Pesto Pasta

*1 bunch of chopped cilantro [save a little bit to top off the pasta like I did]
*1 clove of garlic, peeled and smashed
*small piece of fresh ginger [I used an inch-sized block]
*vegetable oil [about 2 tablespoons]
*toasted sesame oil [about 1 tablespoon]
*red pepper flakes [about 1/2 teaspoon, but if you don’t care for spicy flavor, then use just a tad]
*lime zest [I zested the whole lime]
*lime juice [I used the lime I zested and squeezed out the juice and scraped out some of the pulp]
*brown sugar [light or dark is fine…about a teaspoon]
*roasted peanuts [a little more than 1/3 of a cup–save some to chop for the top]
*soy sauce [I used 2 tablespoons]
*pasta [I cooked a pound of spaghetti]

Have the pasta cooking while you make the pesto [pesto doesn’t take much time at all].  Now, you need to break out the food processor [or blender] and combine the cilantro [leave a little off to the side to garnish], garlic, ginger, oils, pepper flakes, lime zest and juice, sugar, and about 1/3 of the peanuts.  Pulse/Chop into a paste that’s coarse.  Pour soy sauce into mix and pulse to combine.   Once the noodles are ready, drain out the water then mix in the pesto.  Take the rest of the peanuts and chop them up with a little bit of the leftover cilantro and top off the pasta.  If you have any fresh parmesan, I’d grate some on the very top if I were you.

Enjoy :]


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  1. Roberta Cruz

    Thanks so much. Looks yummy

  2. bob sanchez

    AP Thank you so much
    Now i just have to wait for my Tomatoes and corn
    to grow and have them with this dish

    • Corn is one of my fav veggies! What type did you plant? I grew up on Silver Queen [when I was young, we had an acre plot of it]. And tomatoes–love those too! Here’s a quick and easy summer snack–take a few strips of brie cheese and place them on one half of an english muffin [I usually end up eating 4 of these = 2 english muffins lol]. Then slice a tomato [round shape] and place it on the brie slices. Take a little kosher salt and oregano, sprinkle that on the tomato…then toast it all at the same time. Once the muffin is golden, it’s time to eat…MMMMmmm so good!!!

      • bob sanchez

        HI AP i Planted sweet corn and Big Boy Tomatoes i grew up in Menlo when i was little we had about 5 acres plots every spring i go down to Home Depot and fill my cart with plants i just hope that this year i can grow Pumpkin we grew them back home but not here but i keep trying Thank you for the Recipe i will use it

      • bob sanchez

        Hello AP
        It must be the weather or something
        i am in the Mood for RHUBARB PIE
        and i just can’t shake this feeling
        any thoughts why i am feeling this way?

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