Boost The Booze

I’m not the biggest fan of Martha Stewart but I’ll definitely give her props on some of her around-the-house and cooking ideas.  Her little Everyday Food catalogue has some delicious recipes–one of which I’m making tonight.  And to toast to all these great dishes, there’s an article on ways to infuse your booze.

Here are three flavorful ways to spice up your drinks:

Melon-Mint Vodka
*2 cups diced cantaloupe
*4 sprigs of mint
*500 ml vodka
*infuse for 4 days, then strain

Chile-Lime Tequila
*2 small jalapeños, halved lengthwise
*1 strip lime zest
*750 ml silver tequila
*infuse for 2 days, then strain

Cherry-Orange Bourbon
*2 cups fresh or frozen sour cherries
*1 strip orange zest
*500 ml Bourbon
*infuse for 4 days



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One comment

  1. jmaita

    Chile Lime Tequila sounds cool

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