Sometimes you feel like a nut…[sometimes you just so happen to be one]

I can thank my grandparents for this discovery.  Last year, I was visiting my family in Georgia, and spent a day over at my grandparents’ house.  My grandfather has the biggest sweet tooth out of anyone I know–and grandmother is always sure to keep the pantry stocked.  This time, it wasn’t a bite-sized candy bar, Klondike, cookie, jellybean, or anything of that sort being offered up–until I caved in.  Instead, it was a green bottle of goodness–and I’m not talking about Jaegermeister.  Because this–THIS is more satisfying than any weekend buzz from something dark and syrup-y that a college student would buy.

And yes–they’re straight off the belts in Stockton, CA.  Let me introduced to you: Emerald Cocoa Roast Almonds.  Now, I always knew almonds were tasty, healthy…a quick and easy snack [especially the ones with sea salt–of course, that takes away some of the health factor but who cares…they’re addicting].

Who needs cigarettes?  Who needs shopping?  Who needs sex?  Ok, so the last “addiction” was a joke.  But seriously, put aside all ridiculous wants and pop some of these in your mouth. Then shut up and enjoy.  Because:  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  They’re drops of heaven in a container that just so happens to fit perfectly in the left hand…while the right hand dives in for the next mouthful.

Like a southerner would say:  These suckers ain’t cheap!  I’m talking $6.50 or so for an 11oz container.  Yeah–it literally took me a year after that cocoa goodness of a visit to finally give in to that craving.  Thing is, I made my almonds last–I had this bottle for 2 weeks!  Ok, so it was completely accidental.  I forgot I had them and came across the container a few days after my cha-ching purchase.  But that’s how I am–if I buy something I normally don’t have or eat, then I forget I have it.  That just so happened to make for a great surprise when I heard them rustling in the bottle when I picked up the bag.

But man, oh man are they worth the splurge.  Next time you’re out and want to treat yourself [and you don’t have an allergic reaction to nuts or chocolate] then grab one of these.  I promise you’ll be glad you did.  I’m sure glad my grandfather has that sugar craving and my grandmother fulfills it.  If it weren’t for them–well, for one, I wouldn’t be here…and two, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to taste and talk about deeeez nuuuuts  :]






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  1. Yes I tasted them and they are GOOD ;~)

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